On our education website www.summer-programs.org you can find a wide range of offers for summer schools and other short-term programs, on global service learning and Social Engagement Programs, languages courses, Winter Sessions (J-Terms), as also on Teen Activity Programs & Summer Camps. We hope you find this website useful, and that it’ll prove suitable for fostering global short-term and summer study abroad experiences and exchanges.

Platform Summer Programs

We believe that international short-term study abroad programs can immensely enrich the academic profile and personal development of participating students. Motivating and helping students to develop their personal international networks and profiles, engaging them in participating in international exchange programs and accompanying them in becoming global citizens are one of the most satisfying tasks in International Higher Education.

Please visit our website to have a look at the range of offers and options we promote. One of the major features of our website is our “Global Program Map”, which illustrates available offers for international summer & other short-term programs.

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